Engage API and Webhooks

Easy integration with your CRM and other systems. Reduce manual work and streamline your marketing processes.

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Fully featured REST API

The API makes it easy to connect your CRM or other software to Engage.

Access using the programming language of your choice. Access our code samples.


Webhooks allow for real-time data transfer between Engage and other databases. They push changes that happen in Engage to mirror data across systems in real-time and without manual updates. Eg. An event in Engage will trigger an event in another system.

Rock solid

Engage and the API are rock solid. They’re monitored and supported by our team 24x7.

Improved deliverability

Messages sent via the API are sent through Engage's white-listed delivery server, so you get improved delivery rates and your emails don't wind up in the recipient's spam folder.

Functions for every need

The Engage API is broad and growing all the time.


• Trigger an individual personalised email, TXT or push message

• Send a batch of messages

• Receive TXT messages

• Sync your CRM database

• Download your marketing database

• Download survey responses

• Download a copy of every email a customer has received

• Sync staff lists from Active Directory

Access to the experts

Ubiquity is New Zealand’s largest marketing automation solutions provider.

Take advantage of our NZ based experts that can help you ensure you get the best results. Our local technical and integration team are here to help, and can work directly with your developers.

And if you don’t have a technical team you can simply access ours. Whenever you need.

Local training and support

Ubiquity will provide you and your team with full training on how to use Engage. It’s designed with ease of use in mind, so training takes hours rather than days.

And if you do need help, support is only a phone call or email away. In your own time zone, so you don’t have to wait for answers.

More than just a platform

Make sure you’re set up to fully leverage your marketing technology investment by working with our NZ based team of marketing automation specialists.

Unlike other providers in a different time zone that will sell you their product and leave you wondering about how best to use it, we’re right here in New Zealand – in fact we are New Zealand’s largest marketing automation solution provider.

Whether you want Ubiquity to manage implementation and integration and then hand over to your team, or for us to manage campaign execution on an on-going basis, we are committed to getting the best possible marketing results for you.

Scalable and cloud-based

Engage is web-based and accessible anywhere. No software to install or manage.

If you are interested in the technical details, take a look at the how we approach security and architecture.

We’ve found Ubiquity to be very responsive and when we have had to ask questions, the answers made sense. Engage is pretty intuitive to use — it’s not often that we have to ask, “How do you do this?”

David George, Customer Insight Manager, AA

Automation has been a great enabler in living up to our brand promise of ‘delivering brilliantly simple energy solutions.’ The timely and personalised communication programme is well appreciated by customers, while retaining the human touch of Energy Online.

Zelda Kalmeier, Digital Marketing Manager, Energy Online

Our experience working with Ubiquity has been positive. The Engage platform is easy to use and has transformed our e-marketing ability. We have been able to segment, personalise and automate marketing messages – making our communication with our customers more relevant.

Emily Stevenson, Marketing and Communications Manager

As long-term partners of Genesis Energy, we knew we could count on Ubiquity to deliver a solution that was as smart as it was user-friendly and they didn't let us down — despite some pretty tight deadlines.

Bridget Lincoln, Marketing Communications Manager (Acting), Genesis Energy

We are delighted to partner with Ubiquity and use the Engage software to manage our member database and communications. Having a single integrated solution for managing events and email has reduced complexity and means we can spend less time on admin and more time on growing our membership base and delivering great events.

Roger Ford, President, NZSA

Partnering with Ubiquity allowed us to benefit from the full power of marketing automation. We were really impressed that they took the time to understand our business, find solutions that were tailored to our needs, and keep us involved at every step along the way.

Jonathon Corlett, Principal Advisor, Marketing

With the Engage platform we can have a complete view of our interactions with sales people so our communication with them can be a lot more relevant and meaningful.

Tali Rose, Digital Marketing Manager, Panasonic

I have to say the system has been so user-friendly! I’m worried that because it seems too easy that I might have missed something.

Lisa Honeybone, Media & Communications Specialist, Surf Life Saving New Zealand

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